Beachmere, Thinking of settling.

Tuesday 19th May 2015, Beachmere.

We have arrived at Beachmere, we actually got here yesterday. Due to our lousy, weather-wise, trip up here this year, well I reckon that is what did it, we sat down one night at Grafton and discussed our situation, we have decided that we have had enough of permanent travel and need some comfort and space. We have decided while at Beachmere to start looking for something to rent, a house or a unit, and settle down. We will keep the van and still do some travelling, so we are looking forward to it. We have never been in the situation of looking for a rental before so it will be a new experience. Our conditions are:

1. Must be close to public transport.

2. Must be close to shops.

3. Would help if has more than 1 bedroom.

4. Would be nice to have room to store the caravan, or the price will have to be low enough for us to rent some storage space somewhere.

5. Must suit our budget, which isn’t much.

I have had a visit to my Podiatrist for a clip, and to the doctor to do something about the respiratory problem I have, and have some new meds to hopefully fix the problem, we will see.

I am off to the museum tomorrow to see if I am interested in continuing my work there, and I reckon I will or I wouldn’t be going tomorrow.

The car is obviously starting to show signs of age as the driver’s window winder switch failed to work today, for a while anyway, but it did start to work again after I fiddled with it. I am going to have it replaced anyway, but the problem is going to be getting used to not winding the window down in case it won’t wind up again.


Friday 15th May 2015, Ballina.

We have finally moved on from Grafton after having the car fixed yesterday. We ended up having funny feelings about Grafton, but it must have only been because we were forced to stay there instead of doing so voluntarily. We would recommend the town and caravan park to anybody, but we were glad to get out of there.

We are now at Ballina, our second last leg before getting to Beachmere, and the weather is forecast to be a bit warmer of an evening, so it should be a lot easier to tolerate.

Grafton, The bridge.

Friday 8th May 2015, Grafton.

We went on another tour yesterday along the western side of the Clarence river to Lawrence and traversed the river on a ferry, then went further north to Maclean. After having a look around there, and having some lunch, we went to Yamba. We have been to these towns before but we wanted to see if there had been much of a change since 2004 when we were last there. Linda was surprised to find that she didn’t recognise Yamba at all, even though I did, but I have been there twice, once when Linda had flown back to Tassie and left me to travel back on my own.

The bridge. This is the bridge across the river at Grafton. The bottom section is the rail bridge and the traffic travels in the top section.

150506_Bridge 009D  Enlarge.

This is the lifting section of the bridge. Pedestrian crossing is on the bottom level.

150506_Bridge 064B  Enlarge.

Grafton, and sightseeing.

Tuesday 5th May 2015, Grafton.

What a relief: We managed to do some touristy things today. The weather has cleared up and car repairs have been organised, so it was nice to get out and about again. We decided to go for a drive to Minnie Water and Wooli, on the coast about 50K from here, initially so we could just get out of the house and go see something different, but when we got to the coast and got out to walk around and look-see we both realised just what we have been missing for a fair while now. It started when, or after, we went to Darwin, and then being committed to travelling between Melbourne and Brisbane for the past few years. We were going nowhere new, as was shown by the lack of use of the camera, so without realising we were falling into a bit of a rut. Again it was nice to feel we are climbing out of that rut.

The car:- Repairs have been fully organised with all being approved by the insurance company. All we are waiting for now is the delivery of the new canopy to be fitted, and the repair man said that would be two weeks after ordering, being Wednesday next week. It will be interesting to see if it does turn up on that day as he said it would. We are now just sitting waiting to get the repairs done, and do some more touristy things while here, but the problem being most touristy things are long distances away, but we do have plenty of time.

We have been marvelling at the bridge over the river here at Grafton, it is a double story bridge with a rail bridge underneath the traffic bridge. It was once a lifting bridge at one stage, but no longer, and it seems the construction of this bridge was one mean feet. There will be more of a story on that later when I make it my touristy thing of the day.

Grafton and rained in again.

Friday 1st April 2015, Grafton.

Rained in again. It was forecast for basically another storm cell much like the one we had at Swansea, but fortunately it seems to have broken up somewhat before it reached us having come down from the Queensland coast. It is still raining and preventing us from doing anything, but it is so far just not as much as we were led to believe.

The repairs on the car have all been organised, I am now waiting to hear from the repairers as to when they might be able to actually do the repairs, if I don’t hear from them at midday or so I will ring them up. We do have a maximum of another 4 weeks we can afford to stay here if necessary, but I am certainly hoping it will not take that long.