Friday 24th April 2015, Swansea.

What a week! Tuesday wasn’t the end of it. Even though the strong wind had stopped early Wednesday morning it rained very heavily during Wednesday, to the extent that Lake Macquarie was at its capacity and the water had nowhere to run to from the caravan park so almost the entire park was up to six inches (150mm) under water. Everything did take a little time to clear but now all looks good and has basically dried up. The whole thing has put paid to any touristy sightseeing things we had intended, mainly because the locals are pleading with anyone to stay off roads in the area, unless it is necessary, to make it easier for emergency people to get around to do their thing as damage in the area is going to take some time to mend. As of now there are still thousands of people without power, and some are still completely isolated without any supplies. We will go for a little drive tomorrow and see if we can, but if it seems we may be getting in the way we will go back home. We are now just going to enjoy our last few days here and move on Monday to Macksville.