Grafton with car damages.

Wednesday 29th April 2015, Grafton.

We are now at Grafton, we have been going past here many times in the past so this time we decided to stop on the way. What mostly convinced us were reports on a caravan park that was excellent and very cheap, and what they were saying seems true. The management seems to think that by charging a reasonable price they will get more custom, and they were saying when we checked in that it was working. This only emphasises what I have been saying for a long time that most park owners are just plain money hungry, and their high prices are only driving people away, but unfortunately they are probably raising what they think is as much money with the less custom.

Our move here wasn’t without problems. On manoeuvring the car to park out of the way I backed into a tree and shattered the rear window in the canopy, and damaged the actual canopy. This is the reason this report is a day old, I have been busy organising the insurance claim and repairers so we can get the thing fixed before we move on. This now means we will probably be here for several weeks instead of just one, we can afford a maximum of 5 weeks before we must be in Brisbane.