Monday 13th April 2015, Camden.

Here we are again with it being a full week, but I do have somewhat of an excuse this time. I have not been too well with my asthma playing up a bit lately, with the fun being going to a fresh doctor in Cootamundra for treatment and having to try to convince him of what the problem is and of my history with it. His treatment didn’t help any at all so I am trying a few of my own, and it is coming good to a degree so I will persist until we get to Beachmere and I will then go get further treatment from a doctor who knows my history and has some idea of treatment for it. The main problem is that my ailment generally only affects me in cold weather, normally July, but the past several weeks have been like winter hence it has flared up. I guess if all else fails we will have to make a rush for Beachmere instead of taking our time.

We are now at Camden again, south of Sydney, as this is now our stopover for this area when on our way this way. We were going to stay at Mittagong, but it is forecast to be a bit warmer here than there, hence the change of plans. This visit will be different than in the past because we are to be here for a week and will do some sightseeing, where in the past we just passed through.