Grafton with car damages.

Wednesday 29th April 2015, Grafton.

We are now at Grafton, we have been going past here many times in the past so this time we decided to stop on the way. What mostly convinced us were reports on a caravan park that was excellent and very cheap, and what they were saying seems true. The management seems to think that by charging a reasonable price they will get more custom, and they were saying when we checked in that it was working. This only emphasises what I have been saying for a long time that most park owners are just plain money hungry, and their high prices are only driving people away, but unfortunately they are probably raising what they think is as much money with the less custom.

Our move here wasn’t without problems. On manoeuvring the car to park out of the way I backed into a tree and shattered the rear window in the canopy, and damaged the actual canopy. This is the reason this report is a day old, I have been busy organising the insurance claim and repairers so we can get the thing fixed before we move on. This now means we will probably be here for several weeks instead of just one, we can afford a maximum of 5 weeks before we must be in Brisbane.


Monday 27th April 2015, Macksville.

Now at Macksville, only for one night, and probably the last time.

It is only our intention to use this park for a stopover on our way up or down the coast, but they have now increased their price to our limit with the increase since last year being more than I would have expected. The park has been taken over by new owners since our last visit and they are obviously money hungry as well. I can’t handle how this park has to charge $35.00 per night when our next park in Grafton can manage with a charge of $22.00 per night, I think it is self explanatory.


Friday 24th April 2015, Swansea.

What a week! Tuesday wasn’t the end of it. Even though the strong wind had stopped early Wednesday morning it rained very heavily during Wednesday, to the extent that Lake Macquarie was at its capacity and the water had nowhere to run to from the caravan park so almost the entire park was up to six inches (150mm) under water. Everything did take a little time to clear but now all looks good and has basically dried up. The whole thing has put paid to any touristy sightseeing things we had intended, mainly because the locals are pleading with anyone to stay off roads in the area, unless it is necessary, to make it easier for emergency people to get around to do their thing as damage in the area is going to take some time to mend. As of now there are still thousands of people without power, and some are still completely isolated without any supplies. We will go for a little drive tomorrow and see if we can, but if it seems we may be getting in the way we will go back home. We are now just going to enjoy our last few days here and move on Monday to Macksville.

Swansea, in the storm.

Tuesday 21st April 2015, Swansea. Entry 2.

Wrong again, we have found out that tonight’s forecast is possibly to be worse than last night, so the roof has come down and we have locked ourselves in the caravan with no need to go outside. It seems the weather has been bad all the way down the coast from here to Wollongong and has been the worst since 1974, as some people are quoting. We feel better now that the roof is down and will maybe sleep better tonight. It is supposed to ease about midnight so we are hoping that it does and we escape uninjured.


Tuesday 21st April 2015, Swansea.

We thought we were rained in at Camden! We have arrived in Newcastle area just in time for one of the worst reported storms for this district in many a year. Heavy rain and very strong winds are taking their toll overnight and still during today, and it is forecast for another 48 hours or so. When we arrived here yesterday we considered ourselves fortunate to be able to get our roof up to give us some shelter, but it turns out that it may well have been better if we hadn’t got it up at all. We have been fortunate so far not to have suffered any damage so it has been decided to leave the roof up as it is nice to have that bit of shelter. At the moment it seems that the worst of the storm is a little north of us but what we are getting is bad enough, and we are hoping that the bad bit doesn’t get this far south.