Heathcote Junction.

Sunday 15th March 2015, Heathcote junction.

We have now found out about Linda’s treatment for her ailment, and that won’t happen until July. A small procedure is to be done so Linda will fly back from wherever we are, probably Brisbane, and have it done, then stay for a couple of weeks to see her specialist and hope this fixes the problem.

There is now nothing in particular stopping us from moving north to the warmer weather, but we have decided to wait until the end of this month. This decision is sometimes regretted as the overnight temperatures have been rather low lately, as a matter of fact I weakened and got the heater out of the back of the car today. I think it is going to be needed a bit more from now on, unless now that I have it out things will warm up, typically. I would also like to use this couple of weeks to get another couple of days in at the museum to give them some more of my time before we leave, especially seeing I have an idea that there is going to be a job done that I have been waiting for.