Wednesday 4th March 2015, Hamilton.

How time flies when you are enjoying yourself: It has almost been a week since the last report and only feels like yesterday. The weather hasn’t improved any over the last week, but it has been fine enough for us to do most of the sightseeing we had intended. There is actually a fair bit to see and do around here and we probably won’t do much more sightseeing as we have declared that we both really like this place and will definitely be back one day, so we will catch up when that time comes. The area has had a fair bit of volcanic activity over the times so much of the sightseeing is based on that type activity, with waterfalls, caves, craters, lava tubes and such things so sightseeing has been filled with activities a little different than that of when we were out and about regularly. I am having a rest day today as the walk yesterday was up and down some steep hills and although I am not stiff and sore, I am still feeling it, old age and that sort of thing. The sights we saw yesterday were definitely well worth the trip, not far only 50K or so, but Linda was actually a little overwhelmed with it all. It looks, weather wise, that the next couple of days will be also rest days before we head back to Heathcote Junction ready for further doctor visits.