Heathcote Junction and packing.

Sunday 8th February 2015, Heathcote Junction.

We are now getting ready to move on from here, we would have probably moved on by now but Narrelle wants us to baby-sit this coming week, or a few days anyway. They have some friends visiting from England, the same ones Narrelle went to Burma to meet, and they want a few days to take them sight-seeing, so we held off our departure for another week to help them out. Wednesday to Friday are the sitting days so we will use this time to pack up the van and annexe, and move on the following weekend: Well anyway these are our plans, and we know how plans can come undone. Linda is waiting on an appointment for some medical tests so these could upset our plans. We have been considering several places to go for e.g. Wonthaggi, Hamilton or Yea. I would prefer Yea so when we have to return for tests it won’t be far to go and we can simply have a day trip because it is not far away. The only disadvantage is, what if we need to stay for a couple of weeks because of the appointments, and we don’t like Yea, but I guess it would be the same anywhere else.