Thursday 26th February 2015, Hamilton.

The weather has been playing up with us since we have been here as when we get up of a morning it has been raining lightly, then later in the day it fines up somewhat. At this point we have been changing our minds about sightseeing, and then when it does fine up it is too late. Today we decided to make a trip to Casterton rain or shine, Linda has had this thing about visiting Casterton for quite a few years, and along the way are a couple of water-falls. It was raining again this morning so we thought that if the rain kept up we could bypass the falls and call in on them on the way back, or another day if it kept up, but as soon as we left it fined up enough to make it a reasonable day. The falls do not have any flow over them at this time of year, and we knew it before we left, but the formations they left was worth seeing anyway, and they do tell us that after a good rain they are well worth a look. Casterton, and another small town on the way called Coleraine with a chocolate factory, are quite nice towns, but I never did greatly appreciate any town unless I stay there for a while and let it all sink in. Casterton had a good lookout of the town and this was the only location I took any photos from, as we have said once again that when we get a chance we would like to return to this area and visit more of the small towns in the area. We have been here in Hamilton for four days and already we feel as though we are falling in love with the place, we actually had that idea on day two. The rental prices here are reasonable as well, but it is Victoria, and would be too cold in winter.