Thursday 26th February 2015, Hamilton.

The weather has been playing up with us since we have been here as when we get up of a morning it has been raining lightly, then later in the day it fines up somewhat. At this point we have been changing our minds about sightseeing, and then when it does fine up it is too late. Today we decided to make a trip to Casterton rain or shine, Linda has had this thing about visiting Casterton for quite a few years, and along the way are a couple of water-falls. It was raining again this morning so we thought that if the rain kept up we could bypass the falls and call in on them on the way back, or another day if it kept up, but as soon as we left it fined up enough to make it a reasonable day. The falls do not have any flow over them at this time of year, and we knew it before we left, but the formations they left was worth seeing anyway, and they do tell us that after a good rain they are well worth a look. Casterton, and another small town on the way called Coleraine with a chocolate factory, are quite nice towns, but I never did greatly appreciate any town unless I stay there for a while and let it all sink in. Casterton had a good lookout of the town and this was the only location I took any photos from, as we have said once again that when we get a chance we would like to return to this area and visit more of the small towns in the area. We have been here in Hamilton for four days and already we feel as though we are falling in love with the place, we actually had that idea on day two. The rental prices here are reasonable as well, but it is Victoria, and would be too cold in winter.

Hamilton, Victoria.

Monday 23rd February 2015, Hamilton, Vic.

We broke one of our golden rules today, well sort of, by travelling in the rain. It has always been our idea that if it is raining we will not move and book in for another day. It was not actually raining when we left this morning but the forecast was for rain after we left Creswick, and rain for Hamilton to stop before we get there, so we decided to go anyway. We actually drove through a bad lightning storm on the way, but by the time we found somewhere to stop and rest to see it through it had finished. By the time we got to Hamilton the rain had passed over and cleared up.

If you hadn’t Gathered we moved again today a couple of hundred kilometres west to Hamilton, close to the South Aust. border and a hundred kilometres inland from Warrnambool, and are planning on being here for a couple of weeks. We have only just arrived and it looks like quite a nice place, so a couple of days will reveal more.


Thursday 19th February 2015, Creswick.

I once again have to get back in the habit of making reports, sitting for periods gets one out of the habit. We are quite enjoying our stay here at Creswick. It is very nice little country town, neat and cheapish caravan park, close to Ballarat for the shopping that is not here. There are plenty of walking tracks about the area, although a couple of what are supposed to be the better ones are closed as they are draining the lake at the site to rebuild the wall. There are also several other small towns close by one could visit, but we have decided that they would be better left for when we can come back another time and stay at them. I find that if we have a short visit to a town I soon lose memory of the town, even if I take photos, after stopping for a while the town layout seems to imbed into one’s mind. In saying that we had a visit to Daylesford today, about 20K northish, as Linda wanted to see what shopping they had, she had things in mind. I found Daylesford to be different than most other towns in the fact that it is a very old town with all buildings as old, and a greater quantity of the original seem to be still intact than with other towns. The town was very neat and tidy, but seemed to have that old derelict look, which gave it that something that stood out. The town centre, still totally consisting of the old buildings, was comprised of a great many different type shops to a variety one wouldn’t expect to find in a town that seems so smallish. We did like the town, but it was just as well we checked out the caravan parks as we had the idea of stopping there on the way back in a couple of weeks, but we weren’t over impressed with them, so we won’t be stopping there.

Tomorrow will be washing day, so some walking after that should fill in the day nicely.

Creswick, and enjoying the move.

Monday 16th February 2015, Creswick Vic.

We’re on the move again, and it felt good. We have moved to Creswick, which is close to Ballarat, and will be here for a week. We have 3 weeks before Linda’s next doctor’s appointment so we have decided to venture off somewhere for a while. It is nice to be able to just go where we want, when we want for a change. It will be nice to arrive somewhere and decide we like the place and just sit there for a while. This will not happen this trip though as we only have 3 weeks, and along with this week at Creswick, we are going to Hamilton, at least that is our plan, and depending what we want to do, or where we want to go, on the way back to Heathcote Junction will dictate on how long we will stay at Hamilton. We have now reasonably settled in at Creswick, so for the rest of the day it will simply be relaxation for the rest of the day.

Heathcote Junction and packing.

Sunday 8th February 2015, Heathcote Junction.

We are now getting ready to move on from here, we would have probably moved on by now but Narrelle wants us to baby-sit this coming week, or a few days anyway. They have some friends visiting from England, the same ones Narrelle went to Burma to meet, and they want a few days to take them sight-seeing, so we held off our departure for another week to help them out. Wednesday to Friday are the sitting days so we will use this time to pack up the van and annexe, and move on the following weekend: Well anyway these are our plans, and we know how plans can come undone. Linda is waiting on an appointment for some medical tests so these could upset our plans. We have been considering several places to go for e.g. Wonthaggi, Hamilton or Yea. I would prefer Yea so when we have to return for tests it won’t be far to go and we can simply have a day trip because it is not far away. The only disadvantage is, what if we need to stay for a couple of weeks because of the appointments, and we don’t like Yea, but I guess it would be the same anywhere else.