Friday 7th November 2014, Camden.

We would have said that we spent a wonderful week at Swansea if it hadn’t been for the wind, it blew every day. We had a storm one night and at one stage I thought the van was going to be picked up and blown away. Several vans did suffer damage, with one fifth wheeler losing his roll out awning all together, it was actually ripped off the side of the rig.

We are now at Camden, just south of Sydney near Campbelltown, and intend using this caravan park as our place of stopover in Sydney whenever we are passing through this way. It is not far from Sydney, and close enough for visiting sister Sue, she is even closer. The park is a good one and is reasonably cheap, and the same price year round, so if they keep this up we will definitely be using it in future. We had originally intended spending a week here to do some sightseeing but because we stayed a full week at Swansea for tyre repairs we are now only staying four days instead, so we do not take too long getting to Melbourne, I am somewhat time restricted.