Heathcote Junction, Back again.

Saturday 15th November 2014, Heathcote Junction.

We are back in the Melbourne area for another spell, but maybe only for three months or so this time. We are parked at daughter Narrelle’s front yard again and am somewhat looking forward to doing the work chores while here.

I actually reach pension age in a week or so, so I will no longer be committed to doing voluntary work anymore, but I do intend to continue to do it while in the area, either here or Brisbane. I have already informed them here in Melbourne that I will only be here for about three months this year, as we do intend doing some touring next year seeing I have my freedom back.


Thursday 13th November 2014, Albury.

Today was our second last leg before arriving at Melbourne, with the last leg being from here to Heathcote Junction and parking at Narrelle’s. We are now at Albury, a place we do like very much. We do have a favourite caravan park at Lavington, being a smallish park, but very tidy, and just across the road from a large shopping centre.

If we had our way we would not stop at Yass again, it has the strangest park layout we have ever seen, too close together, and at the moment lacks a lot of maintenance. It also has several other disadvantages that are not of any real consequence, but are not of a nature we are used to. We also picked up several type insects while there that one isn’t normally bothered with. I spent a fair bit of time taking care of the ants, but when packing up this morning, when we picked anything up off the ground we were inundated with earwigs and cockroaches, horrible pests that are hard to get rid of, so I hope they didn’t invade the van too much.

Yass and getting close to Melbourne.

Tuesday 11th November 2014, Yass.

We are now at Yass, at the turn off to Canberra. I don’t know if I have said it before, but today on the way here from Camden (Sydney) I said to Linda that we must come back and spend time in the area, whether being small towns or not, as there is a lot of area between where we just stayed, and we have never done anything but drive through the region. I suggested to Linda that in future we are going to have to select a town, or area, that we want to visit on our way north and south each year, and this area would be a typical example.

We had a chance to catch up with sister Sue while at Camden, with her coming out for a day visit on Saturday. It was nice to catch up with her and just have a good chat.


Friday 7th November 2014, Camden.

We would have said that we spent a wonderful week at Swansea if it hadn’t been for the wind, it blew every day. We had a storm one night and at one stage I thought the van was going to be picked up and blown away. Several vans did suffer damage, with one fifth wheeler losing his roll out awning all together, it was actually ripped off the side of the rig.

We are now at Camden, just south of Sydney near Campbelltown, and intend using this caravan park as our place of stopover in Sydney whenever we are passing through this way. It is not far from Sydney, and close enough for visiting sister Sue, she is even closer. The park is a good one and is reasonably cheap, and the same price year round, so if they keep this up we will definitely be using it in future. We had originally intended spending a week here to do some sightseeing but because we stayed a full week at Swansea for tyre repairs we are now only staying four days instead, so we do not take too long getting to Melbourne, I am somewhat time restricted.

Swansea, Repairs done.

Monday 3rd November 2014, Swansea.

We have now done most everything we had to do with regard to repairs after the blown tyre. I have purchased two new tyres, which have been placed on as spares with the two tyres purchased two years ago on and working. The idea is that in a few years, when the workers are 5 years old, the spares will be swapped with the workers, and the workers will become spares. Then when the then workers are 5 years old the spares can be replaced with new ones and become the workers, with the then workers becoming spares because of their age. It all sounds complicated, but to me it seems logical so we then will be replacing tyres every 5 years with all of them doing a fair bit of work.

I didn’t mention the other day about our stroke’(s) of luck when the tyre blew out, we were fortunate that when we came to a stop we were parked in the white line painted section of bitumen between the highway and an off ramp which gave me a bit more room for replacing the wheel. Then just after I started an NRMA tow truck pulled up and parked behind me with his orange warning lights flashing giving all traffic a better warning than my hazard lights would, and they all then gave us a wide berth. This made it a much safer situation, my thanks to them considering they didn’t even put in a claim for payment for their time.

I do still have a couple of things to do with repairs before we go, but they are small tasks that can be done at any time. One of the things is to take off the wheel again to place the dust cap outer cover on the wheel, as I forgot it while the wheel was off. The other is to repair a leak in the tank water pipe that was damaged by the tyre fragments as they dispersed under and out from the caravan, I have the parts so it can be done any time.

We met up with some travelling friends, Coll and Jean, yesterday and had a scenic tour around the Newcastle area. We met them in Beachmere and promised that when we were in their area we would call in for a visit.