Evans Head, in the wind.

Tuesday 28th October 2014, Evans Head.

It has happened once again: It has been a situation of sitting in the one spot for too long and I forget to make a regular report. We are now in Evans Head and have been since Saturday. Situated a little south of Ballina/Byron’s Bay we have been here on a couple of occasions in the past, liked the place, hence our return. We had forgotten how windy it can be here, and this trip is no different with us nearly being blown away on Sunday night, then I believe it was the same with strong winds everywhere else as well with Sydney and Melbourne copping the same.

We went for a walk yesterday to a headland just south of town that we have done in the past, but it was unknown whether we completed the walk to the coast line. The track was a little overgrown, and I believe the temperature was extremely high last time, whatever even though the area seemed familiar I did not have any photos from the past so it must be that we called off the walk for whatever reason. There are many walking tracks around town so we have been making the most of them.

It is now time to move on tomorrow to a small town called Macksville, or at least to a caravan park just north of the town.