Beachmere, Linda about to go to Tassie.

Friday 29th August 2001, Beachmere.

The funeral For Linda’s sister is on Tuesday so Linda is booked on a flight on Monday and will return on Thursday next week. I unfortunately can’t go because I have things to do with my upcoming small operation and can’t get away.

For those who regularly read this web site you may have noticed some strange post names in some areas of the site, I am hopeful of having fixed the problem, and if you hadn’t noticed then don’t worry about it.

Beachmere, More bad news.

Sunday 24th August 2014, Beachmere.

More bad news a short while ago has to make this year one of the worst years in our lifetime. We were informed that Linda’s sister Cheryl has passed away this morning, adding to all the disastrous news we have had all year. Cheryl had been ill for a long time and passed very peacefully in her sleep. Not all of the bad news has been reported on this site for personal reasons, but believe me it has not been at all good.

Our main concern now is to arrange a trip back to Tassie for Linda at least, with main consideration given to the fact that I have a hospital appointment for a small operation over the next week or two that I have to accept when offered, so it is very regretful that I will have to forego making the trip back myself.

Beachmere, and Linda is back.

Thursday 14th August 2014, Beachmere.

Lots have happened over the last two weeks with Linda going back to Melbourne, and me having a colonoscopy, which by the way showed only signs of Diverticulitis, a minor disease that is only necessary to treat if it becomes a bigger problem than it has already. We had to make some strict arrangements for when Linda returned from Melbourne because we had no option but to make travel arrangements for the same day as I was admitted to Hospital, and we had to arrange it so we had to meet in a city railway station, and we had only one hour to time this meeting. It did all work out to plan and we made it to the hospital almost exactly on time.

After all this things have settled down somewhat at home again, so today we decided to go for a drive to Maroochydore to visit some fellow travellers who still stay at the same caravan park as we used to while there. I went visiting while Linda went shopping in what was once her favourite shopping area, but all that changed today. She said she just didn’t have the same feel shopping round here like she once did, and to top it all off she had her phone stolen while at the shopping centre, and it was literally stolen from her hand. She had just finished talking to me to arrange a meeting place, and when she was returning her phone to her pocket she was bumped by one youth on one side, and while distracted another youth extracted the phone from her hand and both then fled before she really knew what was happening. Consequently we then spent most of the afternoon in the Telstra shop cancelling her old SIM card and getting a new phone for her, topped the day off really well. It is forecast for heavy rain for the next few days but I don’t think Linda will notice it being wrapped up in setting the new one up.