Beachmere, with car fixed.

Friday 13th June 2014, Beachmere.

I have just been reminded that I haven’t followed on with the problem with the car. It was the clutch that was the problem, but it was not quite as simple as that. It turns out that the fly wheel in this vehicle, and others similar being 4 cylinder diesels, have fitted a device called a MASS DAMPER, a device to reduce the effects of vibrations from the diesel engine at low revs transferring to the transmission and possibly causing problems there. It turns out that this device which is actually constructed within the fly wheel has a tendency to fail long before the remaining parts associated with the clutch, as was this case. The problem then is that if the fly wheel is replaced with another damper flywheel the entire clutch system has to be replaced to keep the balancing integrity of the system, hence costing a fortune. When one doesn’t have any first-hand knowledge of these new devices one can only follow the recommendations of the mechanics, who naturally aren’t going to give me the ins and outs of different options. I have since done some homework and basically came to the following conclusion: If the Mass Damper Flywheel fails again it will more than likely be replaced with a normal clutch system, being more economical at the event time, and likely to last a lot longer before any further failure. The main thing to ensure from that time on is to keep the engine in fine tune condition at all times to reduce any excessive vibrations from becoming a problem.