Saturday 5th April 2014, Camden (Sydney).

We endured a couple of days of rain at Yass and when I awoke yesterday I said to Linda “not to bother getting out of bed because we are going nowhere today”. We did stay an extra night at Yass and have now moved closer to Sydney to a city of Camden, near Campbelltown, but on the other side of the Freeway. It seems we are going to get a fair bit of rain while here too, so we will just have to see what eventuates each day at a time.

Being the first time we have been to this area we are so far reasonably impressed with both the area and the park we are in. When we get a bit of free time we are going to have to come back here and spend some time to have a look around.


Wednesday 2nd April 2014, Yass.

It was nice to get back to Albury, we do like the place, next visit will be for a bit longer. The weather warmed up considerably, but it seems that it also did back in Melbourne, typical.

We are now at Yass, a small town on the Hume highway at the turn off to Canberra. It is starting to look like we may be here for more than just two days as the weather forecast is not looking too good, we will see what eventuates. This is another of those town we once said that we must return to one day, so that statement is still active as we must come back for an extended visit one day rather than just the two days.