Wednesday 9th April 2014, Kempsey.

We are now convinced that we will not be returning to yesterday’s caravan park as another bad feature propped it’s ugly head up repeatedly during the entire time there. Ants and sand: There were heaps of ants, I tried to apply my usual tactics of deterring them but today upon arrival at Kempsey, yes that is where we are now, there were some climbing over the back of the van that must have climbed up the water hose. The ground in the area we were parked in was very sandy, mostly covered in grass, but every new moment revealed some insect or other was burying in the sand and leaving mounds all over the place, which we would inevitably continue to step in, and with the grass being wet most of the time, especially at night, the sand would stick to one’s shoes. Me being as slack as I am do not take off my shoes at the door like most people do, so consequently we ended up with sand all over the floor continuously, and there is nothing worse that gritty sand under feet all the time.

As said we are now at Kempsey, only two more legs to go. We have been having ulterior ideas about staying at this caravan park at Kempsey as we have been seeing some bad reports on web sites for that purpose, but we noticed that there was some confliction between what seemed to be a duplicate listing of the park, even my GPS had double listings for the same park. We decided that for the price, and equalling out travel distances we would have to stick to our original decision about staying there, but in this instance we would inspect the park before stopping. It turned out that this wasn’t necessary as the park does seem to be satisfactory. It seems the reason for double listings is that the park used to be comprised of two separate parks that have since merged and renamed, hence there still being two listings and now both in the same name because of the renaming, so it all turns out reasonably well.