Monday 31st March 2014, Albury.

We are on the move again. A slow start this morning as we were in no hurry, saw us out of bet at about eight, and ready to move at about ten. Three hours later and we are now at Albury, well it is actually now 4:30pm and we are fully settled in, even with VAST Satellite TV reactivated for NSW channels. We have actually had to turn on the air-con after arriving here as it was quite a bit warmer than it has been in Melbourne area for quite a while.

A full day to relax tomorrow and we will then do it all again.

Kilmore, one more sleep.

Sunday 30th March 2014, Kilmore.

Rain: We did manage to get our annexe walls down and dried before packing away yesterday before going to Narrelle, Matt and kids for the final time this visit. The plan was then to put the roof away today as it was forecast for fine weather: and yes you guessed it, it rained last night and is still occasionally spitting, so we are now planning on catching a mid-day train to the city to go and visit Matt, Lou and the kids for their farewell visit. We will catch a not so late train back home and hopefully the weather will have improved enough to pull the roof down, otherwise it will have to be pulled down tomorrow rain or shine. As I speak the sun is starting to peep through the clouds, so I hope it keeps it up.

Kilmore, about to move.

Thursday 27th March 2014, Kilmore.

Great plans? We were planning to start packing up today and tomorrow, use Saturday and Sunday for final visits before moving on Monday. We have been in the area now for 5 months with basically no rain, and now we are moving it is raining and is forecast for the next couple of days, so it is now wait and see if we can pack up or wait until it is dry enough before we move, even if it means staying for extra days. It may be a month or more before we put our annexe up again so it can’t be put away wet, so we will have to wait until it dries out.

The joys of caravanning, but would not give it up for quids.


Monday 17th March 2014, Kilmore.

Once again it has been quite a while. While we are just sitting I don’t give a great deal of thought to jotting down our happenings, not that there isn’t anything happening, but it just of a ‘normal’ nature and one does not think any more about it.

We had a few days away last week by visiting friends Sue and Fred in Wonthaggi. These are friends we met on our trip to Darwin a few years ago, the type fellow travellers that keep appearing in the same spots we stopped on our travels without planning on, so naturally we formed a friendship. We hadn’t met with them for a couple of years so it was time to pay them a visit.

We are still very much enjoying the regular visits to our children, and grandchildren, in Melbourne area, but it is now time to seriously think about our return trip to Queensland for winter. The weather so far today is a stark reminder that weather-wise it would be much more pleasurable up north, we have had to put the heater on to take that cold and damp feeling from the air as it is currently raining, and was a bit cool last evening.