Heathcote Junction, Time to move.

Wednesday 22nd January 2014, Heathcote Junction.

It’s time for us to move from Narrelle’s and give them some privacy back, so we are booked into the Kilmore caravan park on Sunday, or Monday if we change our minds. We all decided ages ago that we would not spend the total duration of our stay at Nell’s for the reason above, so we consider that we have stayed long enough, actually we stayed this time for a longer period than we had intended. We once again have reservations about going to Kilmore caravan park as we have had a small run-in with the management about prices, and we are not sure if we are going to get a reasonable site when we do get there.

We, or Linda especially, have enjoyed our visit this year because Nell’s youngest, Callan, is of that age that one cannot resist, with us all at the moment waiting for him to take his first solo steps. He has known what he has to do for a while now, but is just not game enough to let go.