Heathcote Junction, after Christmas.

Saturday 28th December 2013, Heathcote junction.

Another Christmas is now over and done with. A reasonably quiet one was had this year with Narrelle, Matt and family, and Matt’s parents and brother. One didn’t really over indulge this year in food, as there not many big eaters present not a great quantity of food was produced, but with cooking habits of Narrelle and mother what we did have was rather rich, but very nice.

Working on the old telephone exchange, as I have said is very enjoyable, but I also discovered that another one they have had installed for a few years was also not fully working, so I have now surprised everyone by getting that one fully functioning as well. This other older one was actually a bit more of a challenge due to its nature, but I have always liked a bit of a challenge.

A fair bit of work has also been done in Nell’s yard, I have had the job of removing a heap of old weedy trees from the front of the house so they can plant some decent plants. Matt and I have also been busy constructing a retainer wall at the rear end of the house, well we have concreted in a couple of posts so far. And we are also cutting down some more trees in the back yard.

Heathcote Junction.

Saturday 14th December 2013, Heathcote Junction.

A very interesting week or two has been had at the Telstra Museum lately with me getting involved with firing up an old electro-magnetic telephone exchange. It is a small country model that has been sitting intact in a western Victorian country town for the past 20 years or so, and obviously wasn’t in use for very long prior to that because of the pristine condition of the same. We did have one of these models in the museum, but it was an old one used as a model, and it was unknown what modifications would have been made to it, hence it was never fired up. The newer one was bought in to replace the older one over the past few weeks and I have gotten involved with firing it up. It is very enlightening to realise how much of the knowledge of the workings of the exchange I had retained, hard to realise until involvement once again, since these exchanges were replaced back in the early to mid-1990’s and one obviously hasn’t worked on one since. After finding several faults, and working out and re-strapping the exchange code analysis equipment we are now happy that it is working quite adequately. The next thing now is to integrate it into the small network of exchanges existing in the museum, this will be achieved over the next couple of weeks after co-workers complete some cabling that needs doing.

It has been very enjoyable to get involved in such work once again.

Heathcote Junction.

Thursday 5th December 2013, Heathcote Junction.

It has been a whole month once again, so a few compulsory words.

It is hard to believe that we have been here for six weeks already, how time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. We have settled down into a bit of a routine with work at the museum, in Nell’s back yard, and mother baby-sitting for the one who yesterday had his first birthday. He didn’t know much about the celebrations, but everyone else enjoyed it, well the immediate family anyway, they are having a big one on Saturday I believe.

We can’t get over the weather here in Victoria, we know it has extremes, but two days ago we had the air-con running, today it is snowing in the hills and blowing an absolutely freezing wind. We will put up with it but it is a bit hard to contend with.