Heathcote Junction.

Tuesday 5th November 2013, Heathcote Junction.

We have been here for nearly two weeks now, and how time flies. The grass is a bit longer, and more of it, than I thought, as it is taking a lot longer to get it under control. Apart from a few days each week I do have a fair bit of time to get it under control, so we will get there eventually.

Things haven’t changed at the museum, with me expected to do the same chores. They are planning a few changes with storage cabinets in the area of the store that I am working and this will mean a complete rehash of everything I have been doing. The changes will be well worth it, so all it means to me is a bit extra work. They have finally retrieved the small Crossbar exchange from out the bush for the museum and I am hopeful I will also get some chores in the process of getting that going.