Beachmere, time to think of leaving.

Friday 20th September 2013 Beachmere.

Before one knows it is September already, and time to start thinking of moving south once more. We are thinking that the 17th of October would be a good date to depart as this would then give us a couple of weeks to reach Melbourne. There are a couple of things that need doing before we go so it will mean unpacking the awning a week or so early do get them done.

We have been doing a couple of touristy things with Kay and Adrian lately, like the Heritage Village at Caboolture, quite an experience with a replica of an old original settlement buildings that are very well maintained and even bought back memories of old days gone by. We also went on a cruise boat down the Pumicetone Passage, the waterway between Bribie Island and the Mainland, a pleasant day out was had by all.

The other thing keeping us busy was the upgrading of my satellite TV reception STB to one with twin tuners, internal HDD that is capable of recording multiple channels while still watching another, and it is the most user friendly STB I have ever used, quite impressed with it. I passed the old STB on to Adrian and Kay, so we have been busy hunting up all the other articles he has needed to fire it up in his van, and all has worked well with them being extremely happy now knowing they will have good reception wherever they go, even camping out, he has wanted a system for so long.