Saturday 27th July 2013, Beachmere.

Here we are again with over a full month elapsed without me putting down any words, happens every time we settle for a while.

Friends Kay and Adrian have arrived, in fact several weeks ago and it has been nice catching up with them. We have spent quite a bit of time sorting out a new phone and internet setup for them with a different provider, and finally discovered a faulty software disc was giving us all the problems we were having. I had almost convinced Adrian to go and buy a new Nokia phone as I could almost guarantee that it would work when we discovered the spare set of discs he didn’t think he had any longer and that fixed the problem.

The only other thing happening is my regular work at the Telstra museum occupying a couple of days a week. We are at the moment having several tours by school children and I had forgotten how these young kids are quite amazed by the older technology, we have more tours over the next couple of weeks so it should be quite interesting.

I’ll go back to my car racing so that’s all for now.