Coonabarabran. Car troubles.

Saturday 4th May 2013, Coonabarabran.

How does one start the stories of events of the day? We had mechanical problems 25K south of Coonabarabran with a broken timing belt on the car, theoretical at this point, and we had to call on the RAC again. The ironic part of the event is that with normal servicing of the car, the timing belt is to be changed every 120,000 Kilometres, the car has done 118,500 Kilometres with the 120K service planned to be done when we arrived at Beachmere, didn’t quite make it did it. The car has now been towed off to the workshop after they dropped us and the van at the caravan park at Coonabarabran. We had intended to go to Narrabri today, another 150K north, but it now looks like we will be here for several unplanned days, which will throw out any plans we had for the remaining legs to Beachmere. More later.