Coonabarabran, and stuck here.

Monday 6th May 2013, Coonabarabran.

It was not good news at all this morning, when a call from the mechanic revealed some of the extent of damage. Removal of the rocker cover revealed several broken rockers, so now it is suspected that the head itself may be damaged. Removal of the head, the next thing to be done, will reveal any further damage, including if a piston suffered at all. It will not make my day at all if there is damage to the pistons because that will mean a very expensive repair job with the entire motor having to be removed, and it is going to cost enough already. One of the biggest problems at this stage is that we are stuck in Coonabarabran and the nights here would have to be the coldest for this entire area, looking at the weather site just now shows that it has been as low as 0 and -1 the last couple of nights, but at least it does warm up to 20 plus during the day. RAC paid for the towing and is going to provide us with a rental car and other benefits for a few days so this has taken off a bit of the pressure. Now it is wait to find out what other damage has been done.