Thursday 14th February 2013, Kilmore.

It just goes to show how usual, or nothing out of the ordinary, things have been lately. It has been a bit over a month now since posting a report. There has been one interesting tit-bit occurred though, or actually a couple, with my voluntary work at the Telstra Museum with me actually being put back on Telstra’s books as the same as before I resigned. It turns out that considering I have a key to most of Telstra buildings in Melbourne, and that I will be required to drive the Telstra supplied museum motor vehicle, I am going to have to do some training to accommodate these requirements, and considering that this training is on-line on Telstra’s Intranet it requires me having a Telstra logon to their Intranet, and this can only be achieved by putting me back on the books as being an employee. I really never thought I would see the day that this would happen.

Number two is that we have been locked out of the museum building until further notice. It seems that somebody found a trace of asbestos in the basement that obviously wasn’t cleaned out back in the days when this was all done, so with the fear that it may have become airborne we have had to evacuate the building until further notice. Goodness knows how long this will be so I could end up with a few weeks holiday.