Kilmore, new site.

Thursday 10th January 2013, Kilmore.

We have had what could be the shortest move in our travelling history, about 150 meters, to another site at the same park. The others did move today so we did as well. This site is a much better one than the other, in fact it would probably be one of the best in the park, if there any others that compare there would only be one or two. We must consider this if we think about returning in future years because if we can’t get this, or an equivalent site, we won’t be wanting to stay at all. At the moment though this site seems quite good, so we will see what the next few weeks brings.

Kilmore, site move.

Wednesday 9th January 2013, Kilmore.

An update on accommodation at Kilmore: After talking to the managers instead of the not caring owners, that were here when we booked in, we found out that one of the better sites was becoming available if we wanted to move to it. As it turns out that this site is the one we requested when we did book in so we decided we would take that option and then see how we enjoyed our stay here. The day for changeover was to be today, but the others have decided to stay for another day. Not to be blamed for it as they are to be travelling up the Hume Highway and with the fires near Tarcutta blocking the freeway at times yesterday it was decided staying would be a safer option. Mind you, and our luck, we only found this out this morning, and we are almost fully packed for a move, and it is an absolutely freezing day today. Not having the annexe up makes it even worse. Linda has been a little upset with this park this visit for other reasons as well: we are currently camped in an area that is basically surrounded by single men (workers accommodation) and this, and their noisy parties, have not impressed her at all.

I have been enquiring about the other park at Chelsea, not Seaford, and have decided that we will most certainly have a look at it as we do not think that we can rely on the park at Kilmore for future visits as we are becoming rather disgruntled with it, and we will have to have somewhere else as a backup.