Sunday 30th December 2012, Kilmore.

It is time to move from Narrelle and Matt’s to give them some freedom back. We have moved to Kilmore for a spell and then will move back to Narrelle’s so I can help Matt with some more building.

I haven’t appeared to be very happy with our decision to come to Kilmore with the site we have taken, but now we are mostly set up I am coming around a little I think. I would have thought that after booking into this park two months back, and telling them that we wanted to stay for several weeks they would have reserved us an at least decent site. Upon arrival we were given an option of two sites, both without slabs and most sites do have slabs, and both under trees which we generally request none of. We chose the one that of which the trees sap may not be as bad as the other, but the level of the ground gives one the impression that after a decent downpour we will get washed out. We will just sit for now and see what eventuates, but I do intend following up on that other park down by Seaford though.