Heathcote Junction.

Monday 3rd December 2012, Heathcote Junction.

As one might gather I have been rather flat out since being here helping Matt build the photo studio, for Narrelle, and bathroom in the shed, which should be given away by my lack of reports lately. There are ulterior motive for helping as much as I can as the idea is that the bathroom will be for our use while here instead of using the one in the house. The rooms also will give Adrian (our son) somewhere to sleep when he comes over for Xmas without having to bother anybody in the house, it will also give us a bit more freedom and privacy for when Matt’s parents come to visit as well, so we are trying our hardest to get it finished very soon, to a usable state anyway so everyone can benefit.

Another reason for us getting back here so early was to help when Narrelle has her third baby, our sixth grandchild, but she is keeping up with her standards and is eight days overdue so far, so it can’t be long surely.