1st November 2012, Narrandera.

The second last leg takes us to Narrandera, with only one more trip to do. Our visit here is certainly not without its dramas, with me finding a semi-flat tyre on the caravan when we arrived, and it looks like a right-off being damaged by a rock or something, will find out tomorrow. After booking in to the caravan park we find out the council is rebuilding the boat ramp and car park area just behind the park using a jack hammer on an excavator, very noisy, hope it will not be like it all day tomorrow. Looking at the forecast indicates the temps going down to about 6 degrees tonight, colder than we have had since winter, might have to get the heater back out. We also forgot the fruit fly zone here so we had to stop and eat all our fruit before entering, could be where we hit the rock? Repairs to the wheel tomorrow, or replacement at least will reveal if we may have to get two to have a matched pair, find out tomorrow.