Heathcote Junction.

3rd November 2012, Heathcote Junction.

We are now back in the Melbourne area At Heathcote Junction, in daughters front driveway, and looking forward to the many activities that need doing around their yard. Matt has a few projects in mind that will obviously require more than one person to complete so I do look forward to participating. These things will have to wait a few days though as there are a few things I must organise first.

More on the dramas at Narrandera:- A new tyre was fitted to replace the faulty one and then an air leak was discovered, not from the tyre, but from a crack in the rim. A decision was made to return to the caravan and collect the spare I had just placed on the van and have a new tyre fitted to that rim as well. The tyre on the spare is over seven years old so it will not be used on the van, but will be kept as an emergency spare. The faulty rim, with new tyre, had a tube fitted so I can use it as a spare for the trip to Melbourne, then sometime in the near future a new rim will have to be purchased with the other new tyre fitted to it and the two new tyres will be the in use wheels with the other, which is still on the van, will become the spare.

More dramas were also to follow on today’s trip. When we arrived here I discovered that the front pole carrying tube was shattered on one end. It turned out that it was obviously hit by a piece of flying metal rod, from somewhere, which then lodged itself in the unbroken section of the tube. Other than that the incident is not any further explainable.