Tuesday 30th October 2012, Dubbo.

Another move and we are at Dubbo. A wet trip today with just a little rain most of the way after passing Coonabarabran, but just after Coonabarabran we hit a hail storm. You wouldn’t believe that we had just approached the steepest section of road on this trip, and it had just been resealed with no line markings, when the storm hit us. I should have pulled over because it was difficult to see anything but to stop half way up the steep hill in the best of conditions would be difficult so I decided to press on regardless, and we did make it. Only two more trips before we arrive in Melbourne and Linda can’t wait, not because she wants to get there, but she just doesn’t like the travel. It has just occurred to her that it has been twelve months since she has had to travel, as she flew up to Brisbane earlier this year, and she is just not used to it, but not that she ever was.