Beachmere with Battery problems.

Friday 5th October 2012, Beachmere.

I finally have a story to put down. The events of the past few days have got to be worth printing.

Monday, went to start the car and the battery was down and wouldn’t turn the engine over, being diesel we need a very good battery, so I turned on the battery charger for ten minutes or so and that was then enough to start the car. I am now wondering if we left something turned on for the day, but could not come up with anything. The battery is three years old and heavy duty, and I would have expected it to last longer than three years. We drove around Caboolture, and here, all day stopping and starting several times without any problems, so I decided to leave the charger on it all night and take it to work on Tuesday to take it to Battery World to test it. The test showed it was down a little and we decided it may last a while longer, although the technician indicated that three years is about what he would expect.

Wednesday, AM, jumped in the car to go to Caboolture rail station to catch a train to work, as usual. PM came back by train to Caboolture and the battery is flat again. Called RACQ to come and jump start me and his test indicated a faulty cell so I decided I would replace it on Thursday.

Thursday, after having the charger on all night again the battery even then failed to start the car, so after a jump start from a neighbour I went into Caboolture to get a replacement. On the way I noticed an orange light lit on the dash-board being an engine warning light. While the new battery was being fitted I read the owner’s manual to find out about the warning light and it turns out to be a result of the electrical problem with the battery, and I would have to go to a dealer to get them to turn the light off. PM, I have made an appointment for Friday to take the car to the dealer to fix the problem.

Friday, I attend the dealers for repairs to be informed that there is a recall on the towbar and they would replace it while we were there. It seems funny that we have been towing the caravan around for five years, and done 100,000 kilometres doing so, and they are going to replace the towbar because of a possible fault. At least I will now be able to tell the story of how I went to the Ford dealer one day to have a dashboard light turned off, and returned home with a new towbar. It did also cost me $65.00 to have the light turned off though, but at least now I have had a decent diagnostic check done on the car, and they could tell me that I have had two instances of battery problems, and that I had run out of fuel at some stage as well, which is also true but that story has already been told.