Friday 21st September 2012, Beachmere.

It has been quite a while once again, but that is an example of nothing out of the ordinary happening. We are now looking at dates as to when we will be moving back to Melbourne, and that looks like being the 26th October, giving us about 8-10 days to get back down there before I have to start in the museum there again. Talking of museums: we, at the Brisbane Telstra museum, had a visit from reps from the Sandgate Historical Museum a couple of weeks ago and they asked if we had someone who could wire up an old pyramid switchboard and a couple of Magneto phones that they had so they would work, and I was nominated, or volunteered. I went over there last week and it turned out to be an easy job as someone had already wired them up and all I had to do was plug it all in again. The main problem was then to work out how the switchboard worked, it was 1972 or so since I had worked on one of those devices, but a basic list of operation on a sheet in the unit helped a lot. Instructions were then passed on to the staff and they were extremely happy when I departed, if fact they did send us a very nice letter of thanks.

We have also been making preparations for our return back here next year, such as booking our site so as to have a site when we do return. So it is now back to doing what we do best, thinking of what we will do next.