Beachmere, Mount Mee.

Saturday 18th August 2012, Beachmere.

We thought we had better have a touristy look around today and went to North Daguilar National Park. There were several short bushwalks to do, and most of the roads are suitable only for four wheel drive, so it was an interesting day.

One of the walks was through a local forest and I did notice something different to what we have seen in other forest walks: trees, yes trees, but these were extremely tall and straight. They would be perfect for saw milling, and it would be obvious that this was the activity that took place here before it was made a National Park.

I did make the mistake of not refuelling before we left on this drive, thinking that we had plenty, and spent most of the day regretting it because of the 4 wheel drive roads in the area. I would have like to do much more than we did, seeing that it obviously wasn’t too rough for Linda, but I spent too much time worrying about running out of fuel in the event of getting lost. It was a situation that one could have gotten lost, in a small way only, but it wasn’t worth the risk. We decided that we would return one day as there is more to see than we did today, and I will have a full fuel tank.