Monday 13th August 2012, Beachmere.

We had another trip to Maroochydore today, another meaning we haven’t been for quite a few weeks, for the reason of visiting old friends and do some shopping as it is a public holiday at Beachmere today. It was enlightening, in my sarcastic sort of way, to see quite a few vacant sites at the caravan park we used to stay at, as a result of the price going sky high and out of the range of the average Joe Blow like us and a lot less people are coming to stay there for the winter period. It was said by a couple of friends that after another price rise this year there will be even less coming up next year. Most southerners are now starting to leave and go back home, so we must return in a week or so to catch up with a couple of them before they do leave. We have made a decision that we will be back here at Beachmere next year and given the fact that I have been telling everyone about this park I took it upon myself to pre book our site for next year in case they all decide to come here instead.