Sunday 24th June 2012, Beachmere.

We have now made our move to Beachmere, and after setting up, and Linda doing her usual checking out the shops, she was heard to say “I think I am going to like it here”. There is almost all types of shopping she would want only being a couple of blocks away, and plenty of walking on the beach that is just across the road, we do feel a lot better being here that where we were at Beerwah. Linda also mentioned that one thing she has also noticed is that there are plenty of birds here as we were unaware there were none at Beerwah until we arrived here.

Beerwah, and about to move.

Friday 22nd June 2012, Beerwah.

We got a phone call from the Beachmere Caravan Park this morning stating that they have had a cancellation so there was a spot for us immediately if we want it, so the decision was made on the spot to move on Sunday. This will give us today to do what we had planned to do, pack up tomorrow and be free to move there on Sunday. We have been looking forward to making this move so I do hope, considering that we do not have a choice with sites when we get there, that we do end up where we will be happy. After seeing the park up close I don’t think there would be many sites we would not be happy with. It will be a good move especially for Linda as there is plenty of walking in the area, all the shopping she will need very close by, and we will be in a park with plenty of other travellers, unlike here where there are very few.

Beerwah, thinking of moving.

Saturday 9th June 2012, Beerwah.

We had a drive today to Bribie Island and returned with the same ideas we are sure we had the last time we went there, the place really doesn’t do anything for us. Some caravan parks we looked at as we went passed looked as though they would be reasonable to stop at, pending cost of course, having plenty of walking etc. close by. While there I had the idea of having a look at some areas in the national parks as I now have a 4 wheel drive, which is essential, and this would have given me a little 4wheel driving experience, then we came to a gate and a sign stating that we must have a vehicle permit to enter. I enquired about a pass to find out they only had two passes available, a weekly pass and a yearly one, and I wasn’t going to pay for a weekly pass for a visit that would have only been about an hour or so, so we departed the area disgruntled.

We then returned home via Beachmere, a little north of Bribie but on the mainland, which is a town we had visited before and decided that it would be a nice place to stay, being a lot cheaper than most in the area as well. While there I noticed there was a bus route through town, so it made me think about the options of staying there instead of where we are now. One of the main reasons for thinking of a change of accommodation is that we believe that things are about to change in the park we are in so we want to cover our options. We believe the farm that the caravan park is a part of has gone into voluntary receivership, and not knowing the full implications of them doing so I would consider anything could happen from now on. So after some enquiries we have now booked into Beachmere for the middle of July, the earliest booking available, with the park manager bearing in mind that if anything else becomes available to give us a ring. About travel to my voluntary work: this was the idea I was thinking of when I spotted the bus route, catching a bus to Caboolture and then the train, but have since decided that considering the busses only run once an hour or so, and being inconvenient to my timing requirements, I would be better off driving to Caboolture and then catching the train seeing the drive is only 12 kilometres.