Monday 7th May 2012, Dubbo.

Another long trip today, by my standards, takes me to Dubbo, another 400K north. I also intend being here for two days, what I am going to do with myself is to be seen, but there will always be something to fill in my time.

The old adage of “What a small world it is” rang true today. Back in Heathcote Junction, not far from Narrelle’s place, over the past few months there has quite often been a caravan parked on a nature strip that I had noticed due to its oddly shaped front. It had a wedge shape, vertical, to act as a wind break. Today, just north of Parkes, I stopped at a rest area to have some lunch and not long behind me pulled in a van that looked identical and after asking it was revealed that it was in fact the same caravan, he parks it on the nature strip between trips because he can’t get it up the driveway. Would you believe we swapped ID cards and such, but I never did note the brand of the van, I do know it is American. The funniest part of the story is that they were parked opposite me at Narrandera last night and I didn’t recognise it because I didn’t see the front of it, spoke to them on occasions, but did not know them.