Beerwah, and Linda is back.

Friday 25th May 2012, Beerwah.

Linda is back with me and I am once again enjoying her home cooked meals, not that I wasn’t eating home cooked while she was away, they weren’t hers. We are a little rained in at the moment so I guess the order for today may be to do some shopping for some new chairs that are badly needed.

Friends we have come to know at the caravan park at Maroochydore are now starting to arrive so we will have plenty of visiting to do in the future to occupy a lot of our time. We were in there yesterday for Linda to do her shopping and while waiting I went to the park and had a chat with a couple that have already arrived.

Beerwah, Getting organised.

Thursday 17th May 2012. Beerwah.

I just about have everything organised that I need to for our stay here for this year. I have given all details of what I intend doing to Centrelink and everything is finalised with them at this stage, and it turned out there were no dramas at all in moving up here for the colder months, as I thought there wouldn’t be. Voluntary work has been organised, in fact I have put in a day there already, and have had a key issued to me already so I can go in any day I wish, they only work on Wednesdays at this museum, so when I work out exactly what is required of me I can now go in whenever I want. I must come up with a little better travel arrangements to the museum though as on Wednesday return trip home I found that the busses were very unreliable which is extremely unsatisfactory, as catching the right train home is imperative. I also had a doctor’s visit to organise a couple of things like Flu-vac, blood tests and a script renewal, so overall I think I can say I am now organised. Now that I have had a couple of trips to Maroochydore it seems a little closer than it originally did so it is not going to be a drama going in there whenever we want, and that will please Linda.


Monday 14th May 2012, Beerwah.

I had a day visit to Maroochydore today to do some business and the instant feeling I had was that of being back home again. This feeling has been experienced before both here and elsewhere, but nowhere as strong as I felt it today. It is a pity I have ill feelings about the caravan park, and their prices, that we used to stay at because it really is the ideal place to stay in the area, with the exception that I have chosen to do my voluntary work in Brisbane and transport would be very inconvenient.

A very ill feeling with some information given to me at Centrelink today, when they informed me that if I had chosen to move to an area with a less chance of getting work that my previous location my payment would be ceased for 16 weeks, but fortunately this was not the case in my situation. This leaves me with the thought that why didn’t they make me aware of this before I moved up here so I could have satisfied myself before I made the move, instead of finding out afterward. I am fully aware of it now though, and doubt if I will ever forget it.

Beerway, Sunshine Coast.

Friday 11th May 2012, Beerwah QLD.

As short as it was, that is the end of my travels, as I can see, until the end of the year. I have arrived at Beerwah, half way between Caboolture and Maroochydore on Steve Erwin Way only a couple of kilometres from the Australia Zoo. The caravan park here is on, and part of, a farm, as in the name ‘Gowinta Farm’ that grows pineapple and strawberry as far as I can see at this early stage. I had another rather long leg today of 440K and am glad this past week is over, I have come from Melbourne to here in four of these long legs and I have no idea how some people even older than I make the similar trip with only one overnight stop. Whenever I do make the trip in future it will definitely be no quicker than I did do it this week, I guess the main thing was that I did have a day break between trips. I now have until Wednesday to set up fully and familiarise myself with the district and the rail system that I intend using to travel to my place of voluntary work in Brisbane.


Thursday 10th May 2012, Goondiwindi.

Almost 10:00 AM and I am washed, fed and cleaned up, sitting back wondering what I am going to do with myself for the rest of the day. My first thought other than that was “Why am I sitting here for the day doing nothing?” when the long trip yesterday hasn’t played too much havoc with me and my tiredness and such. Then I think, “That’s what the days rest is for!”, and has obviously done its job so far on this trip as I have not had any two days consecutive travel and my wellbeing is telling me it has worked, so that is the answer to that earlier question. All I have to do now is refuel the car, go into town and have a walk around, and then just sit and relax. I have put my sign out the back advertising help with TV so that may give me something to do later, but I won’t count any chickens.