Heathcote Junction, Winter planning.

Tuesday 27th March 2012, Heathcote Junction.

Heading north for winter is now becoming a reality, as I have now arranged with all concerned to do so, and all is looking good. All going well we, or I at least, will be departing Melbourne at the end of April, unless something makes me leave a little earlier. Linda has a couple of medical things to follow up on before she can move on, so it would be an advantage for me to go on my own, as Linda would prefer not to travel but fly up when she has completed everything, and I have already settled in. Over the next few weeks it will be work as much as I can, to build up some hours to cover me for whilst I am travelling.

Getting cool at Heathcote Junction.

Wednesday 21st March 2012, Heathcote Junction.

The time has come to seriously think about heading north for winter. The immediate forecast indicates the cooler weather is about to hit us, in fact at the moment the weather has taken a turn toward the worst we have seen for a fair while now, and we have started using the heater, so we are going to start to feel it over the next few weeks. I have set a tentative date of the end of April for our move to Queensland, but there are things to organise yet like caravan park bookings, permission from Centrelink, a few medical checks before we head off, and work at the Brisbane Museum. I am sure all will go to plan so we are beginning to look forward to our move once again.

Heathcote Junction.

Tuesday 6th March 2012, Heathcote Junction.

Things are becoming even closer to normality with Nelle and Matt and family having returned from America, Linda, apart from cold mornings, is getting around a lot better, the rain seems to have stopped for a while, I have just about loaded all I need on my new Laptop, and I am sure have forgotten something else that has happened. Several anomalies have occurred with the new laptop but I guess that is only expected with old gear not being compatible with windows 7, but there are ways around that. Back to work tomorrow and then hopefully I will be able to get a bit of work done around the yard, and then see what Matt has planned for the long weekend this weekend.