Heathcote Junction, Linda in hospital.

Wednesday 15th February 2012.

What a hectic week the past one has been. For those I didn’t personally advise of the following I do apologise, but sometimes I didn’t know whether I was coming or going.

To start with: Linda is in hospital, and has been since Friday, looking like being released on Thursday or Friday. She has been complaining of pains in the legs and arms for a few weeks and putting it down to some simple ailment didn’t do anything about it. On Friday it got too much for her and we took her to the Northern Hospital in Epping and she has been there since being analysed, prodded and poked until they came up with a diagnosis, being Polymyalgia Rheumatica. It took a while to diagnose as there are so many things with similar symptoms, but now they have an idea they are starting treatment and want to hold on to her to monitor the situation before letting her return home, things are starting to look on the mend so maybe home in a day or two.

It is just as well I now have my own access to the museum as I have had to juggle my work times to fit in with Linda in care, with the possibilities of her release being varied, and visiting as much as I could. I ended up doing two days in a row and it was quite apparent that it has been a long time since doing more than one full days work in a row, and it is hard to handle, but things should get back to somewhat normal soon.