Heathcote Junction.

Saturday 17th December 2011, Heathcote Junction.

Almost two weeks since the last report. We have been extremely busy, as we usually are whenever we come to Melbourne, and most things just seem to be the usual run of the mill things that don’t generally get reported on. We have settled in to Narrelle and Matt’s and have been doing a fair bit of work around the yard, there is plenty to be done so I don’t think I will be lost for something to do while here. The front yard already looks much better with the little bit of cleaning up I have done. The voluntary work thing is all go, I think, I have had a practice day at the museum even though I have not yet received permission from Centrelink, but I think if things come to the worst I would keep up turning up at the museum regardless as it does bring back a lot of memories, and there is heaps of work to be done there.