Heathcote Junction, in the van.

Tuesday 6th December 2011.

We are back in the van again with repairs done, and with a couple of others things as well. I was impressed with the workmanship of the repairers until I arrived home, well Narrelle’s place anyway. The initial repair was done very well, with them doing a couple of extra small tasks like replace totally the rubber insert along the edging of the van, the same ones I replaced in Darwin, but this time with white, and it does look a lot better. They also sprayed a little paint in several places of the chassis which improved overall looks, a task I do on occasions but haven’t for a while, and they even replaced the damaged wheel bearing covers with decent ones. Then when arriving home and setting up the van I found the hand brake cable had no play at all, so I had just made a trip with the brakes partially on so they overheated a bit. A phone call to them did have them here to remedy the situation though they did take a while to get here. I would still recommend them though I think.