Heathcote Junction, for whatever duration.

Monday 5th December 2011, Heathcote Junction.

All has been happening! Matt and I have been working on the driveway for the van and it is now complete enough for us to pack the van on. We have been staying at Narrelle’s anyway as the caravan has been in to get the Emu damage repairs done, and a phone call this afternoon reveals that the repairs have been done so it will be pick up the van tomorrow, move it to Narrelle’s driveway and set up camp.

Volunteer work has been organised and when Centrelink get a registration request from them, and approve it, all will be ok for me to start work after the new year. New year is the ok date Centrelink gave me but in the meantime if I find myself doing nothing I might as well go in and organise what I will be doing when I do start there. It is definitely a case though of not having any spare time as there are heaps of jobs I can do around the yard here to help out as much as I can, I have already had a lesson in laying paving stones.