Port Melbourne, House-sitting.

Tuesday 27th December 2011, Port Melbourne.

If you are wondering about the Port Melbourne location we are house-sitting for son Matthew while they are on holiday back in Tassie. They have gone over for three weeks and we were to stay here to look after the animals, then they took the dog with them, there is still the bird to drive us mad though.

Yes Xmas is over, and as usual it was another rather hectic one, and we now have the New year to look forward to which should be a quiet one for us being in Port Melbourne. Son Adrian is over here from Tassie for a week and staying with us at Matt’s and will be going home on New years day, so he will be here to see in the new year with us, if we decide to sit up that late.

Another reason for coming over to Matt’s for a while is to do some repair work on some push bikes that the kids were given, so that should keep me busy for a while. I now have a choice of which bike I do up first so I can ride it myself as there are some quite good tracks around here along the shoreline of the bay.

Heathcote Junction.

Saturday 17th December 2011, Heathcote Junction.

Almost two weeks since the last report. We have been extremely busy, as we usually are whenever we come to Melbourne, and most things just seem to be the usual run of the mill things that don’t generally get reported on. We have settled in to Narrelle and Matt’s and have been doing a fair bit of work around the yard, there is plenty to be done so I don’t think I will be lost for something to do while here. The front yard already looks much better with the little bit of cleaning up I have done. The voluntary work thing is all go, I think, I have had a practice day at the museum even though I have not yet received permission from Centrelink, but I think if things come to the worst I would keep up turning up at the museum regardless as it does bring back a lot of memories, and there is heaps of work to be done there.

Heathcote Junction, in the van.

Tuesday 6th December 2011.

We are back in the van again with repairs done, and with a couple of others things as well. I was impressed with the workmanship of the repairers until I arrived home, well Narrelle’s place anyway. The initial repair was done very well, with them doing a couple of extra small tasks like replace totally the rubber insert along the edging of the van, the same ones I replaced in Darwin, but this time with white, and it does look a lot better. They also sprayed a little paint in several places of the chassis which improved overall looks, a task I do on occasions but haven’t for a while, and they even replaced the damaged wheel bearing covers with decent ones. Then when arriving home and setting up the van I found the hand brake cable had no play at all, so I had just made a trip with the brakes partially on so they overheated a bit. A phone call to them did have them here to remedy the situation though they did take a while to get here. I would still recommend them though I think.

Heathcote Junction, for whatever duration.

Monday 5th December 2011, Heathcote Junction.

All has been happening! Matt and I have been working on the driveway for the van and it is now complete enough for us to pack the van on. We have been staying at Narrelle’s anyway as the caravan has been in to get the Emu damage repairs done, and a phone call this afternoon reveals that the repairs have been done so it will be pick up the van tomorrow, move it to Narrelle’s driveway and set up camp.

Volunteer work has been organised and when Centrelink get a registration request from them, and approve it, all will be ok for me to start work after the new year. New year is the ok date Centrelink gave me but in the meantime if I find myself doing nothing I might as well go in and organise what I will be doing when I do start there. It is definitely a case though of not having any spare time as there are heaps of jobs I can do around the yard here to help out as much as I can, I have already had a lesson in laying paving stones.