Saturday 5th November 2011, Dubbo.

It seems that we may have gotten to Dubbo in the nick of time, the water inlet on the side of the van failed again for the second time since we have had the van, maybe 5 years is the life expectancy of some parts. I don’t think it was wear in this case though rather than corrosion. The screw adapter part has a copper expanded sleeve on the unit to allow a seal as well as allowing the inlet to turn to screw on the hose, and it was this copper sleeve that was damaged. The first time, as I recall, it was wear that rendered the unit useless, and I also think it lasted a bit more than 5 years, so this one lasted less time than the first. I just had a look through my memoirs and it revealed that the first one was replaced in 2007, so this means the first one lasted 8 years and the second only 4, big difference eh! Maybe the past 4 years of water passing through the van has been a bit more corrosive that previously, could also explain why both Linda and I have, for the same time period, had tummy problems on many occasions with water being the suspect. Being in Dubbo has also given us access to all that other shopping that we have come to rely on such as Bunnings and Big W etc. so we have both now had our fair share of retail therapy