Winton, Grand Finals weekend.

Sunday 2nd October 2011, Winton.

Linda has had several good chances to catch up with her old friend, and I have also been involved with getting to know her new husband as well having an enjoyable evening meal out the other night. We will get to see them again before we leave as we will be here until Wednesday or so, our departure is dependant on some mail arriving. I am waiting on a new satellite dish tuning meter I have ordered to turn up, that will make tuning the dish much easier. It is a programmable meter so it will only identify the particular satellite one is looking for. These type meters have been on the market for a while, but this new one is just over $100.00 instead of the $800.00 plus for the others.

I have been wondering why there was so much more for us to see this visit that we didn’t see when here last time back in 2002, but we were only here for three days last time. Some things such as the truck museum, and the Age of Dinosaurs museum, weren’t open last time either hence we have had several things extra to do this time. The Dinosaur museum was very interesting even though it is new and only displayed from the workshop. The new visitors centre and other buildings are at present under construction, so when they are finished the attraction in all will be much better.