Nyngan, and rain at last.

Saturday 29th October 2011, Nyngan.

We have finally seen a decent rainfall for the first time since very early in the year roundabout when we left Melbourne to go north to Darwin. We did have a few spots while at Kakadu, but this was hardly worth mentioning. The problem with the rain last night was that it revealed a small leak around the front window, whether it is a result of the damage from hitting the Emu the other day, or from expansion and contraction from the heat we have had over the past months is a good question, I will be treating it as a result of the accident seeing that the leak is on the same side as the damage. I guess when we have the repairs done to the front of the van it shouldn’t be too hard for them to remove the front window and reinstall it with new sealant. We have been somewhat complaining about the heat we have endured of late, mainly because it has been so consistent for so long this year due to where we have been, but now after the rain it is extremely muggy and making it just that bit more intolerable, so we are now somewhat looking forward to getting closer to Melbourne to get some cooler temperatures.