Longreach, In the rain.

Wednesday 5th October 2011, Longreach.

We have finally seen rain for the first time for most of this year, at least since we left Melbourne in February. It came with a smell we haven’t experienced for a long time as it was accompanied by a thunderstorm, and the smell storm had almost been forgotten.

Now in Longreach, about 170K from Winton, and will be here for a few days only. We hadn’t intended stopping here but a few things needed doing that had to be here, shopping for eg is a lot cheaper here. Linda is at present in town having her retail therapy, a bit better here than Winton. I have decided too that I should have a look on the net more often for caravan parks we are going to because as I was checking the prices for this park I found they had a special of three days for the price of two so this would be better than the Top Tourist discount, if I qualified anyway as our membership has expired.