Charleville, and enjoying.

Thursday 20th October 2011, Charleville.

We have mentioned before how some places we visit just give us a feeling of being a nice place to be, we stated that about Charleville last time we were here, and we do have the same feeling this visit. We don’t know what it is, we even had a day of bad little experiences the day we arrived here which would normally give the opposite feeling, but there is something about such places and we both seem to feel it. In comparison to places like Cloncurry, Longreach etc. where the towns are really no different to here in size and relationship to isolation etc. but for some reason we have that feeling that we could easily settle here for quite some time where we didn’t have that feeling at the other places mentioned. It is not even as if there is a lot more to do here than elsewhere, because there isn’t, so we will just soak up the feeling while here and hope that it returns a lot more often at other places we visit. I must admit though that this time we are parked on a site that looks like it belonged to a permanent resident that departed not long ago, with gardens surrounding the caravan that now makes us look like permanents, and as Linda said, when she returns from the amenities and such she looks at the unit and it does look like it belongs here, so she often gets the feeling that she wishes it did, and it even comes with a resident cat that attempts to share its feed catches of an evening. We must now be mindful of doing the couple of touristy things we intend doing while here before we just while away the time relaxing and enjoying the locality before the duration of our visit expires.